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History, Humanities & Languages

Becoming a versatile, informed, analytical and articulate employee requires a broad study that links the past to the present, promotes effective language ability, and encourages curiosity about human experience.

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Middlesex College offers a full array of programs to start you on your path to a career in History, Humanities & Languages.

African-American Studies – Liberal Arts

The African American Studies Program explores the history, art and culture of Americans of African descent. The broad liberal arts perspective of African American Studies prepares students for careers in education, journalism, law, politics, psychology, city planning, archivist/curator, international relations, publishing, or social work.

American Sign Language Certificate of Achievement

Earning the American Sign Language (ASL) Certificate of Achievement can be an attractive credential for many employers, including schools, workplaces, hospitals, and cultural venues, seeking to be more accessible to the Deaf community. In addition, knowing ASL allows people to make new friends, enhances cross-cultural understanding, and strengthens and enhances one’s mental flexibility.

ESL Program

The ESL program provides intensive academic English study for students whose native language is not English and are not yet proficient in English, and intended to prepare students for further work in college courses leading to a degree and/or certificate.

History – Liberal Arts

An understanding of the historical context of human existence is central to a liberal arts education. Studying history requires the ability to interpret texts and documents of great variety, and to develop critical evaluation and writing skills. These skills are highly valued in today’s job market.

Journalism – Liberal Arts

Students majoring in journalism receive a broad general-education background that, while preparing them for transfer to a four-year college in a variety of fields, also develops their writing skills.

Liberal Arts – General

A Liberal Arts education provides a comprehensive overview of humanities and social sciences, producing graduates who are well-rounded academically, excellent communicators, critical and creative thinkers, aware of cultural diversity and varied perspectives, and prepared to adapt to the needs of the 21st century.

Philosophy – Liberal Arts

The Philosophy Program explores some of the deepest and most difficult questions we can ask about human existence: questions about human nature and the meaning of life, the possibility and extent of knowledge, the existence of God, morality and how we should live.